Welcome to Greg Cardenas' Global Recruiting Process Outsourcing Executives Blog

Welcome to Greg Cardenas' Global Recruiting Process Outsourcing Executives Blog

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Step 1: Implementing Global RPO

In order to implement any global rpo services delivery model you will need a few things to establish.  Number 1 is you have got to have your house in order.  If your operations are not ready...you are not ready...so don't even try it.  If you are going to go after global fish...you need to have global capability.  If that is yours -great, if not you will need to establish partners you can work with to deliver.  That said, it is not easy to find partners all over the world to help you. Especially if you want them to do it your way.  So in this case, it is best to find partners that can at least fullfill a certain level of KPI or SLA to ensure you can deliver.  This may mean you may have to require training them to do it right if they are not used to your way of doing things. 

You are going to need vendors...don't think you can do this by yourself...not even IBM, Accenture and Convergys could!  Be practical and keep it real.  Learn to partner and share in the profit or die...it is that simple.

Keep in mind that in some less developed countries HR is just as corrupted as the governments that run the show.  So don't expect honest business to be done there.  Even if they say it is honest...you have no idea how you can get screwed.  I know exactly how they pull the fast one over Western firms that are not used to the way of the dark side in some parts of the world.  That is however what it is and nobody is going to change that...so don't even try you will get them to be honest with you.  I will address this topic in my next posting.

For now just focus on the relationships you need to have a vast network of suppliers ready to go.  Keep in mind your client may want you to use some of theirs if you will be managing their vendors.  If this is the case, you may want to tell them...NO, I DONT THINK SO.  We will manage them for now, but eventually if they don't cut it, we WILL replace them.  How to go about that will be explained later.  It is not as easy as just finding another vendor...as you can make enemies real quick in some parts of the world.

Look for partners that have done business with the West and also know English...if they get it...they will know English it is that simple.  Get it, I mean as in they know what to expect from you in terms of expectations.  Some have no idea how western companies operate and think KPIs from the west are impossible to meet.  That in some cases is ture...as the way things are done outside developed countries is another whole ball of wax.

When you have built you internal or external delivery network you are ready for the next step.  Are you ready?  Stay tuned...

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  1. Hi Gregorio,

    First of all i really appreciate your article, its very well written by very much true facts as (to be Honest),
    I am running a RPO Company, and i know how many people are honest in this industry, only a few,
    I wudn't like to name it,but i personally been d victim of such a fraud from india, and its from a very big and named company,
    Thanks and Regards,