Welcome to Greg Cardenas' Global Recruiting Process Outsourcing Executives Blog

Welcome to Greg Cardenas' Global Recruiting Process Outsourcing Executives Blog

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

LiveRecruiting to launch this year - a new world recruiting system we have all been waiting for!

LiveRecruiting to launch new web/phone based recruiting application to revolutionize recruiting later this year.  The system which is easy to implement and low cost will simplify the process of managing full life cycle recruiting for internal corporate teams, staffing agencies, and rpo providers.  The new system is based on the typical workflow for recruiting that is relatively universal throughout the world.  The system can be configured to support reduced or increased steps/phases of any recruiting process for customization.  Once set up, the system can be entirely managed from a phone application.  This also applies to the candidates which can set up a universal profile once online and then apply to any job from any LiveRecruiting powered career section via their mobile phone.  The applications can even be taken via phone in those cases a candidate in does not have a phone, computer or internet access - especially in developing countries or remote areas of the world.  Unlike other systems, the new system will be more multi-lingual to aid in global recruiting efforts.

For more information and to become a beta tester for free, visit:  http://www.liverecruiting.com.  The first 100 companies will be given an unlimited posting license for the first year.  The first 1000 companies following will receive a 50% reduced annual licence fee...for unlimited users.  The aim of the company is to power the majority of small to medium sized business worldwide and eventually the large global ones currently powered by other expensive and time consuming to implement and use like Taleo.

The future of recruiting is almost here!

http://www.liverecruiting.com (site launch May 1st, 2011)