Welcome to Greg Cardenas' Global Recruiting Process Outsourcing Executives Blog

Welcome to Greg Cardenas' Global Recruiting Process Outsourcing Executives Blog

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gregorio Cardenas CV

Kiev, Ukraine
Email: greg@gregcardenas.com
Mobile: (+380) 93-530-7336
Skype: greg.cardenas


§ Nearly 20 years of progressive experience in the fields of global business operations, human resources, recruiting, compensation, benefits administration, payroll, talent management, organizational design, outsourcing (HRO, RPO, BPO, IT), off shoring, training and development, and management consulting.
§ Industry thought leader and pioneer in development of global human resources outsourcing (GHRO) and global recruiting process outsourcing (GRPO) industries.
§ Highly skilled project leader in the design, implementation and delivery of large scale global HR services.
§ Strong contract negotiating and vendor management experience.
§ Experienced managing operational budgets and selling very large contracts worth over $1 billion.
§ Knowledgeable in the establishment of global multi-client shared service centers throughout North America, Latin America, Europe Middle East Africa, and Asia Pacific regions.
§ Skilled in designing and leading training & development programs across the entire organization.
§ Implemented Taleo globally six times as the implementation leader for various Fortune 500 companies.
§ Implemented and integrated SAP and Peoplesoft with Taleo as needed while project manager.
§ Advocate for diversity, creativity, and innovation to promote change and challenge the status quo.
§ Expert in recruiting process design, delivery models, solutions development, and global talent sourcing.
§ Over 10 years global expatriate experience living abroad in developing countries like India, China, Russia, Brazil and Mexico, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Poland and developed countries such as USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, and wherever globalization is driving the economy.


247HR – Kiev, Ukraine
General Manager/Managing Partner December 2006 - Present
§ Co-founder of company that provides outsourced/off-shore RPO/HRO support to existing service providers, staffing firms, recruiting agencies, independent recruiters, corporate and government clients. Our product portfolio leverages Western best practices with local adaptations for improved success.
§ Developed an excellent services delivery model to lead in the global marketplace that provides a high quality, low cost, effective solution for customers which avoids many traditional HRO delivery problems.
§ Hired and trained all initial key staff on our revolutionary service offerings and product portfolio to support sales, marketing, services delivery and operations. Most service offerings were new in the local market.
§ Designed, developed and implemented a new proprietary applicant tracking system for both service provider and external client utilization. The system was specifically designed in partnership with US internet application developers to address the language needs of developing countries and emerging markets such as Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Poland, Turkey, Slovakia and Georgia.
§ Responsible for all the strategic decisions and vision of the company as we continue to develop new products and services to offer into the regional market. Developed future growth plans for expanding operations throughout all 4 major regions of the world.
§ Responsible for the leading global Taleo implementation efforts in support of Whirlpool Corporation and Starwood Hotels. These were on time and on budget global deployments as contracted with clients.
§ Developed project plans and timelines, facilitated project kickoff and weekly progress update meetings, designed global recruiting process using Visio, trained team members and client staff as users of the system and coordinated system configuration tasks with team in support of business requirements.
§ Developed offshore resume data mining service center is support of European clients based in Odessa, Ukraine. Was first in opening such type of service center in the country.
§ Trained service center staff in support of meeting client service level agreements. Recruitment Process Outsourcing services included; phone screening, resume data mining, interview scheduling, phone interview, job posting, requisition creation and Taleo user support (helpdesk.)
§ Project leader responsible for analyzing, re-engineering, proposing, and implementing new HR business process improvements for client’s HR functions in Central & Eastern Europe based on personal, internal, and external best practice benchmarking & analysis.
§ Established vendor agreements on behalf of clients for outsourcing transactional/administrative HR tasks in line with newly recommended operational strategies.

Convergys Corporation – Jacksonville, FL
Global Director, Recruiting Center of Excellence January 2006 – December 2006
§ Responsible for overall leadership and management of newly created global shared services recruiting function within Convergys to provide global recruiting services to global clients.
§ Developed global standardized process, services delivery model, staffing plan, service level agreements, job roles, costing/pricing model, methods and procedures, training curriculum and external marketing materials in support of current and future clients.
§ Mentored, supported and developed staff to promote internal growth and succession planning.
§ Partnered with peers to integrate 6 HR domains in support of company vision to deliver cross-functional comprehensive HR services in high demand Global HR Outsourcing market.
§ Worked closely with other internal teams such as Product Marketing, Business Transformation Services, IT, Vendor Management and Sales to partner on all global initiatives related to design, implementation and delivery of global programs in support of clients.
§ Partnered with clients to develop agreed to service delivery models and transition plans as outsourced RPO work and responsibilities migrated from clients to my team staff globally.
§ Functional process lead for Global Recruitment & Selection and Global Mobility and Relocation.
§ Implemented Taleo globally in partnership with IT based on global standardized processes developed which I lead to develop.
§ Provide overall global Subject Matter Expertise in my domain internally and externally. Provided overall vision and leadership of my team specific to my domain of expertise.
§ Provide guidance to Global Operations Steering Committee, Executive Leaders, and other internal stakeholders related to building out our capabilities throughout the world.
§ Helped in closing some of the largest HRO deals in history within the industry.

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals - Wilmington, DE
Global Recruiting & Selection Director August 2003 – May 2005
§ Responsible for leading new strategic design, development, and delivery of AstraZeneca’s global standardized recruitment processes taking into account differing cultures, practices, and legislation.
§ Virtually managed 2 Business Analysts from the United Kingdom and Sweden to assist in detailed process mapping and country-by-country validation in partnership with IBM business consultants.
§ Partnered with functional colleagues from Asia Pacific, Europe, and the United States to ensure global agreement and support of project scope and vision of the Taleo/PeopleSoft implementation.
§ Collaborated closely with the Human Resources Vice President sponsoring this project and AstraZeneca’s Global Staffing Team of leaders representing all 5 initial countries in phase 1.
§ Communicated detailed project updates with Global Staffing Team members via self created presentations, organized teleconferences, and videoconferences.
§ Prepared a detailed technology Impact Assessment as the Global Recruitment & Selection Process Leader for the benefit of the Global Staffing Team and GHRIS Process Manager.
§ Responsible for daily management of AstraZeneca’s sourcing team of 28 recruiters.
§ Accountable for all internal and external sourcing and candidate marketing for AstraZeneca in US.
§ Managed annual US talent sourcing & candidate marketing budget of $6 Million.
§ Established internal and external candidate networks for managing succession planning and building talent pipelines for key positions identified to meet strategic long term business needs.
§ Developed staff competencies by hiring, training and managing individual performance and reward.
§ Created strategy & vision and cascading development plans for team members to meet objectives.
§ Partnered with other staffing colleagues in the US, UK, and Sweden as member of the Global Staffing Team to develop global ways of working and leveraging resources cross hub.
§ Collaborated with staffing, HR business partners, and client group business leaders to design and implement high volume talent sourcing strategies to meet aggressive human capital needs of the company across all functional areas with emphasis on sales, marketing, research, and discovery.
§ Reported “State of Sourcing” updates to the executive HR leadership team and corporate VP’s via presentations, proposals, and business cases in support of sourcing & staffing initiatives.
§ Partnered with Staffing Director to reorganize by merging our teams together to establish US Recruiting Team and model to improve efficiencies and capabilities of new organization.
§ Developed detailed metrics for monitoring effectiveness of sourcing initiatives and screening activities with emphasis in reduced cost per hire and improved candidate experience.
§ Evaluated and benchmarked competitiveness of sourcing methodology and practices against comparable competitors, institutions and other markets.
§ Sponsored strategic initiative to address college relations, orientation/onboarding, and branding.

Hewlett Packard - Cupertino, CA
Global HR/Recruiting (Sourcing) Leader March 2001 - October 2002
§ Led global virtual sourcing team of 30 recruiters focused on providing sourcing for all business units within the company in North America, Latin America, EMEA, and Asia Pacific.
§ Sponsored internal Global Recruiters Network to promote best practice awareness and leverage staffing resources globally.
§ Developed online talent acquisition/talent management resource portal (e-room) for virtual staffing personnel to collaborate on various sourcing projects, increase communications, and effectiveness.
§ Successfully delivered global HR services and support through a highly dispersed global team.
§ Led global team of Regional Staffing Managers and HR Managers in designing, developing, and implementing new cross-business global recruiting model focused on standardized recruiting processes and supported by RecruitSoft’s recruiting technology.
§ Presented proposals to Global Staffing Directors of the new recruiting model to gather support and people resources to aid in the validation of the newly created global business processes & model.
§ Assisted in regional RecruitSoft system rollouts based on proposed and agreed phasing strategy.
§ Shared global best practices and fostered teamwork and collaboration across 4 global regions by establishing a Global Staffing Forum for Recruiting Managers and HR managers.
§ Managed team of 10 recruiters and responsible for delivery of US-wide recruiting and staffing services for 2 corporate divisions headquartered in California. Built the most aggressive, proactive internal “recruiting machine” in the Silicon Valley that never paid a single search firm fee.
§ Created best practice recruiting process based on internal & external benchmarking and personal experience (Recruiting Roundtable, Saratoga Institute, Silicon Valley Recruiters Network, etc.)
§ Trained recruiters on AIRS search tools and coached them to pass their certifications to improve ability to source via the Internet. Mentored and coached staff on non-traditional to HP sourcing techniques to improve productivity and strengthen internal sourcing capabilities and competencies.
§ Expanded management scope through promotion to Americas Sourcing Lead and provided recruiting services to all divisions within North, Central, and South America (60,000 employees.)
§ Wrote Hewlett Packard’s Affirmative Action Plan and passed all site audits without any issues.
§ Championed change initiatives by taking risks through leadership to improve business operations.

Trading Technologies - San Jose, CA
Director of Global Human Resources July 1999 – March 2001
§ Consulted executive HR management to companies with significant talent acquisition requirements in highly competitive technology labor markets.
§ Established partnership with Hewitt & Associates to collaborate on proposals for outsourcing HR projects from potential clients to our firms. Responsible for managing all outsourced contract recruiting projects, budgets, and staff on behalf of the clients.
§ Developed new business concept and created the business plan including sales and marketing strategy for new online recruiting system planned to test market in the Chicago marketplace.
§ Patented my new business process and system technology.
§ Responsible for generating seed and additional venture capital to fund and grow Startup Company.
§ Managed rapid growing HR department for startup software technology firm.
§ Created and implemented company’s short-term and long-term HR strategy and vision.
§ Provided generalist HR support across all functions of the company to support all employees in US.
§ Personally accountable for resolving all employee/labor related issues in partnership with legal.
§ Developed competency based sourcing and selection process for hiring all staff and grew company from 25 employees to over 300 employees in one year on a very limited budget.
§ Adopted change and championed initiatives to improve efficiency and effectiveness of HR function.

Cardenas-Vazquez & Associates
Executive HR Management Consultant (Contract) March 1990 - June 1999
§ Self-employed responsible for generating all leads, sales, and marketing of service offering.
§ Presented proposals to Corporate Executives, HRVP’s, Recruiting and Staffing Managers/Directors on outsourcing HR administrative tasks, talent sourcing, and recruiting operations management.
Kenexa – Wayne, PA
§ Responsible for development and management of new department to lead all global recruiting process outsourcing implementations for the company’s clients. Clients included top Fortune 500 firms including the US government.
§ Developed standardized implementation methodology to increase efficiency of internal operations.
§ Designed global deployable recruiting processes in support of client needs for delivery by operations throughout the world.
§ Developed offshore capably in India to enhance profitability by moving transactional work overseas. This team grew to 20 offshore resume data miners based in Hyderabad.
§ Partnered with clients to agree to process and services to be performed by company.
§ Assisted the sales and marketing teams by providing content and subject matter expertise on global recruiting and services for market.
§ Created internal Change Management practice to support clients needing assistance related to the new services provided by the Company to better achieve success of service level agreements on both sides.
Grant Thornton - Chicago, IL
§ Responsible for recruitment of all company staff for the National SAP Practice.
§ Managed 6 virtual independent contract recruiters throughout the US supporting 6 regions.
§ Trained Partners, Practice Managers, and Regional HR Directors on new hire process developed.
§ Improved orientation program and created long term retention and talent management strategy.
§ Managed annual budget of $3 Million while reducing cost-per-hire and time-to-fill.
DataWorks Corporation, San Diego, CA
§ Provided recruitment consulting to deliver qualified talent to meet business needs in the US and Canada. Wrote supporting company wide policies and procedures manual for Human Resources.
§ Developed HR service level agreements with all functions to meet their business requirements.
Andersen Consulting, Irving, TX
§ Responsible for managing 12 recruiters and improving overall productivity by reengineering and streamlining the recruiting process. Personally accountable for all hires in the US.
§ Developed internal applicant tracking system and recruiting metrics on individual recruiter performance against team objectives for weekly reporting to senior management team.
SAP America, Irving, TX
§ Responsible for developing internal recruiting function, developing annual HR strategy, and supporting talent management/development for client’s Midwest region (3500 employees.)
§ Consulted with HR and business leaders to identify improvement opportunities for the HR function.
KPMG Peat Marwick, Dallas, TX
§ Responsible for establishing and managing the recruiting effort within the Southwest Region of the United States supporting 7 States.
§ Developed internal recruiting department from the ground floor up.
§ Established management planning process to help managers identify high potential employees.


§ Masters in Human Resources, University of Kansas
§ Bachelors in Business Administration, Kansas State University
§ AIRS Certified Internet Recruiter
§ AIRS Certified Diversity Recruiter
§ GPHR Certification (Global Professional of Human Resources)
§ Six Sigma Black Belt
§ Project Management Certified