Welcome to Greg Cardenas' Global Recruiting Process Outsourcing Executives Blog

Welcome to Greg Cardenas' Global Recruiting Process Outsourcing Executives Blog

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nobody has implemented full life cycle RPO...

To date, I am not aware of any one RPO outsourcing company that has beyond signing a contract to fully outsource RPO globally - to have actually pulled it off.
Outsourcing elements of recruiting is not what I am referring to.  Anyone can say they have outsourced recruiting to India to source candidates on Monster - my daughter can do the same and she's still in high school.
My point here is everyone has failed...and if you think I am not correct - please chime in.  NOBODY has managed to fully outsource recruiting on a global basis.  Why?
Because they don't have a good methodology to pull it off.  In the weeks and months to come...I will let you in on how it can work using my own methodology.  Why is my method better.  Because the last 6 years I have watched everyone fail and know why.  Don't get me wrong, I developed the first global services delivery model for GRPO but did not implement it before leaving Convergys for another opportunity in Europe.
During this time I have been fine tuning my original service delivery model and implementing it via a phased approach...now however is time for me to share the secrets with you.
It is time for the Cardenas Methodology for implementing Global RPO.  If you are an executive in the field...you might want to stay tuned...as I was the first to solve how to do it.
I will share with you step by step...and don't think just because IBM, Kenexa, Alexander Mann, Accenture, etc., are signing deals that they have a clue how to do it.  They are peddling the same stuff that has never worked.  Don't get offended colleagues if you are working for one of the big service providers out there...it is time we keep it real - thus my blog.
Thanks for joining...more to come!

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