Welcome to Greg Cardenas' Global Recruiting Process Outsourcing Executives Blog

Welcome to Greg Cardenas' Global Recruiting Process Outsourcing Executives Blog

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

HRO - RPO Technology - Next step in implementing a global services model

Ok, so you have managed to establish a network of vendors to support you in your efforts to implement and deliver Global HRO services.  That is great!  Now we must move on to the next phase…
HRO and RPO, among other forms of HR related outsourcing services requires the use of technology to drive the standardization and process which ultimately you will implement.  There are many point solutions that can handle the task of recruiting, compensation, payroll, benefits administration, document management, training, performance management, etc.  I will focus on one as what I am about to inform you applies to all.
In the case of recruiting, Taleo has been leading the ATS industry getting more large Fortune 500 companies to implement and use their system.  I actually was part of the team to implement the first global rollout of Taleo when the system was called Recruitsoft in 2001.  However, I have been recently disappointed by Taleo for a variety of reasons.  For those recruiters out there that use the system…I think you will understand me very well.
For starters, the system has been over-engineered.  This means that it no longer serves its original purpose.  It has been engineered to a point now that it goes well beyond the scope of recruiting.  They even changed the name to somewhat imply this concept of Talent Management.  My point is simple.  You don’t need to confuse the full-life-cycle of an employee from recruiting.  Recruiting is about getting people to join a company and start the life-cycle once they become employees. 
This has resulted in Taleo to incorporate too much functionality that simply waste recruiter time and has a direct impact on productivity.  If you can create a new requisition in less than 4 clicks…you are ahead of the game.  If you have not developed to that stage…have already lost the so called “value-proposition” Taleo likes to peddle.  If you are not automatically inviting the top 5 so called ACE candidates for an interview (for whatever reason) you have already lost.  If your recruiters are spending 50% or more of their time looking at a Taleo interface throughout the day and not sourcing…you have already lost.  My point -  Taleo has too many bells and whistles that take focus from what recruiting is all about – filling the vacancy…NOT offer letters, onboarding, college relations, etc. 
Taleo’s days as a leading ATS are limited.  There is a new technology that will bring the simplification of recruiting back to how it should be that will work much better for the RPO industry.  One built for the RPO industry and for any corporation to gets it.  You don’t need a Formula 1 car to drive across town when the speed limit is 30 MPH and a Hummer can do the same for less cost.  I think you know what I mean.
We will talk about the process of how to do the work (delivery of HRO services) in my next blog post.  You will better understand why keeping it simple will be key to success.  In the meantime…save your money on expensive, over-engineered systems and point solutions.  This is what your customer expect remember – a radical solution that delivers the goods and saves money.  You can’t do it and you won’t succeed doing it the same way as your customer does it today. 
Ok, gotta go and start a Web 2.0 Revolution somewhere ;)

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